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White disposable files with a soft foam layer for pedicure disc Pododisk Staleks Pro M 240 grit (50 pcs), PDFS-20-240w

White disposable files with a soft foam layer for pedicure disc Pododisk Staleks Pro M 240 grit (50 pcs), PDFS-20-240w

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Interchangeable pedicure discs make the service safe for every client, which is a decisive factor in trusting the master. But the achievements of disposable stickers do not end with hygiene. The new disk with fresh abrasive allows you to evenly process the desired areas and achieve the maximum effect!

The Staleks ProPododisc M set is 50 white interchangeable discs with a reliable adhesive base and an effective working surface. The disposable dispenser is conveniently detached from the protective film and attached to the rotating disc, and then just as easily removed and disposed of immediately after work is completed.

Features of Staleks Pro Pododisc M discs:
a comfortable supply of spending units in one package;
functionality and reliable quality;
soft foam backing for abrasive;
diameter M - Convenient for processing small areas and areas that require maneuverability;
hardness 240 grit, intended for grinding after removing keratinized skin.
Application of Staleks Pro Pododisc M discs:
Delicate treatment of the skin, as well as polishing of the nail plate.

What is the difference between white and black variable files:
The abrasive of white files consists of aluminum oxide, which makes them more plastic, soft and wear-resistant. Black files are made of silicon carbide, which makes them harder, but has a high degree of brittleness.
White files have a small abrasive grain of a rounded shape, which allows you not to injure the nail plate. Black files have a sharp abrasive that is self-sharpening in the process of sawing.
White replacement files have a stearate coating that prevents organic dust from clogging the coating, black files have no coating.
White files are better for filing dry nails, black files work well with filing wet nails.
The white color of the file is more hygienic than black in work, no streaks or grooves are visible on the file after sawing, and light abrasive particles are not visible when they come into contact with artificial material during nail extension.
The Staleks Pro Pododisc M set is versatility, speed and hygiene.
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