Shipping & returns



GOOD.GIRL.GEL. takes care of its customers and uses the services of a courier company to deliver orders: Packeta International

Packeta International delivers packages to the pickup location or to the address specified by the customer when ordering. The cost of delivery depends on the country of delivery and the total weight of the parcel. The exact cost of delivery is indicated during checkout. Taking care of our customers, GOOD.GIRL.GEL. doesn't set minimal cost of the order. Moreover, we have free shipping under certain conditions for the following countries:

For customers in Group 1 countries, enjoy complimentary shipping on orders over 100 EUR: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia.

Customers in Group 2 countries qualify for free shipping on orders over 160 EUR: Austria, Belgium, Estonia, France, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain.

While customers in Group 3 countries receive free shipping on orders over 200 EUR: Denmark, Ireland, Luxembourg, Sweden.

Since we are physically located in Romania, free shipping for our customers from that country starts at more than 60 EUR.

The free shipping option will be automatically applied during checkout. For any questions or assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team.

Please note that Cash on Delivery is not covered by the free shipping offer and will be calculated separately.


Delivery time is 1-7 working days from the moment of sending the parcel from our warehouse(may be a little changes because off different holidays in delivery locations). Estimated delivery time to Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland 7-14 working days. Orders placed before 10 am on a business day are processed the same day. Orders placed on weekends or after 10 am on a business day are dispatched the next business day.


Since we use other companies to deliver products, it may happen that the ordered products will be delivered to you later than indicated by us. In such a case you should first of all find out where your order is. If you have delivery problems, please contact us as soon as possible.


• We will send your parcel number to your e-mail address, which will allow you to follow its progress.

You can check where your order is.

If the courier did not catch you at the designated location, the shipment can be returned to the sender.

If the courier company has lost your order, please contact us immediately so that we can send you a new product, issues related to the loss of your order are handled by us.

In case if the courier company has lost your order or you cannot find information about the status of your order on the Internet and you do not know what to do, please contact our consultant by the form in the link or by WhatsApp/Telegram: +380963191856.


If the package with the paid order was not received by the client, the company returns the funds upon the written request of the client minus the costs incurred by the company for delivery services (including return delivery) of the order. There is also the possibility of re-delivery of the order, subject to compensation by the client for the costs of delivery services.




The GOOD.GIRL.GEL. online store is a platform that offers you 100% quality products with quality certificates. In order to ensure the safety of consumers, the activities of the store are regulated by the legal regulations in force in the European Union! However, situations may arise when products do not fully meet the expectations of customers. In this case, our role is to cooperate with customers, because your opinion is very important to us. Every feedback we receive helps us improve the quality of our services.

Accidentally added or mixed up a position in the order? When checking the parcel, did you see any damage to the goods? We understand that misunderstandings happen. Just tell us about the problem, and we will help you quickly solve it.

We strive to ensure that our customers are always satisfied with the services of GOOD.GIRL.GEL., therefore we offer a convenient product return system. To do this, you need to follow a few simple steps.

Although GOOD.GIRL.GEL. makes every effort to ensure that the goods sold are always of the highest quality, there may be defective or damaged goods in transit. If you receive a defective/damaged product, you have the option to return the defective product to us, but we cannot accept an opened and used product. Global brands, unfortunately, are also not immune from manufacturing defects. As a buyer, you have the right to: terminate the sales contract for the product, replace the damaged product with a new one.

 If damage to the goods is caused by the actions of the buyer, the GOOD.GIRL.GEL. online store declines responsibility!



Before picking up the package, make sure that it is not damaged. If you find that the package has a clear violation or damage to the packaging (it is wet, wrinkled or has certain visible defects), this can be disputed no later than the time the package was delivered and the extent of damage or partial loss of packaging. The contents of the parcel must be checked on the spot in the presence of the courier carrier or the order must be canceled.

Please take a photo or video of the received product that you want to return, specifically a photo from all sides (barcode, batch code, terms indicated on the product, product packaging (creams, perfumes, etc.) This will help speed up evaluation of your request.

In addition, when returning a damaged item from your order, please note that we will require additional photos:

- original box on all sides (taking into account the visibility of the adhesive tape)

- inside photo of the box and contents.


You can always contact our support line for help using the form in the link or WhatsApp/Telegram: +380963191856, or Instagram direct messages @good.girl.gel


The company offers each buyer the right to exchange or return goods on the following conditions:

• the product can be exchanged or returned within 14 days from the date of its delivery;

• the goods must be unused, undamaged, clean, comply with hygiene standards, be resold without reducing the value of such goods;

• the product must be returned safe and sound, in its original packaging, including original accessories;

• the buyer must present the original document confirming the purchase of the goods.


The right to exchange or return goods does not apply to:

• seasonal and/or discounted items;

• goods with a special design and goods made or modified to size or in accordance with the individual requirements of the customer;

• goods in protective packaging that cannot be returned for health or hygiene reasons;

• food, feed, paints, varnishes and coatings;

• goods, quality, characteristics, the reliability of which may be compromised by improper storage, transportation or handling by the buyer, goods subject to rapid deterioration, deterioration or deterioration, as well as goods that are subject to strict storage conditions and rules.

• When the product causes irritation and allergic reactions, because an allergy test must be done before using the product.

• Mechanical interference with the goods is not considered a claim.

• Minimal differences in the shade of products may be due to individual characteristics of the individual and cannot be considered as a complaint.

• Images of products on the website are illustrative and do not constitute a mandatory representation of the properties of the products (the packaging of the products may differ, for example, due to changes in packaging by the manufacturer).

• Without any evidence, we cannot accept your claim.


How to make a return?

You can return or exchange the goods only after agreeing the details with our customer service center!

Our manager will offer possible solutions, and in case of an exchange or return of goods, he will tell you how to send the package to us.

If you are returning an item, please pack it securely to prevent damage in transit!


You have the option to return an item in the following ways:

Packeta International courier company, with which our company cooperates.

You can get acquainted with the list of partners of the courier company in your country on their website:


• In order to return the goods, you must fill out the appropriate form of termination of the sales contract.


Email a photo and description of the problem to our customer center Product photos will help expedite returns and refunds. After you have agreed with our support team the details of the return and filled out the required form, securely pack the goods. Remember to include a copy of the form with the package, even if you are sending the package separately, please also send us the number of the package you will receive in the mail.

• The cost of returning the goods in case of incorrectly ordered / canceled goods is always borne by the buyer.

• Within 14 days we will check the returned item and decide on a refund. We will notify you of the return details by email.


As soon as the package with the goods and the relevant documents that you submitted arrives at us, and you fulfill the above conditions, we will begin the return process. The money will be transferred to your account within 14 business days.

The method of return depends on the method of payment: in the case of orders paid through the PayPal online payment platform, the return will be made through the same website directly to your bank account, in the case of orders paid in cash or by bank, in the form of withdrawal from the sales contract, write account number (IBAN, SWIFT code) to which we will transfer the corresponding amount in the refund section.

Please be sure to keep the packaging with the barcode of the product, when you contact us, we will ask you to provide the product itself or the products included in the set (without damage during unpacking and use), all components and packaging of the product with the manufacturer's barcode. also a document confirming the purchase of goods from us, as this will help us process your application faster.

Approximately within 14 days (but not more than 30 days) after receiving the parcel, we study the returned items, make a decision on the return of funds to the specified account.

Only request: do not return to us goods purchased from another store, used products or products for which there is no justified reason for an exchange or return. In all other situations, we will try to help you easily and quickly make an exchange or return of goods.

For all questions, you can contact us using the form in the link or WhatsApp/Telegram: +380963191856.

Customer claims regarding damage or missing product in the parcel, discovered after the departure of the courier service worker, are not confirmed by the act, will not be accepted.

Since we do not take any advance payment, our relationship with the client is built on the principles of trust and mutual respect. Therefore, we ask you to carefully determine the order in advance. Your order in 90% of cases goes to work on the same day. Placing an order is actually your consent to later buy the goods ordered and brought for you on the terms and conditions announced by us at the time of placing the order (undoubtedly, if you are satisfied with its quality and we have not violated the promised delivery times).

Welcome to respect our conditions, because we always strive to meet your needs and provide the most comfortable ordering conditions! Thank you in advance for your trust, respect and understanding!