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White disposable files with a soft foam layer for pedicure disc Pododisk Staleks Pro M 100 grit (50 pcs), PDFS-20-100W

White disposable files with a soft foam layer for pedicure disc Pododisk Staleks Pro M 100 grit (50 pcs), PDFS-20-100W

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Disposable abrasives for a pedicure disk make the service hygienic and safe for the client, without forcing, for the sake of savings, to buy cheap reusable disks, which are significantly inferior in processing quality.

Pododisc Staleks Pro 100 Grit - replaceable stickers with 100 grit abrasive that allow the pedicure disc to treat a medium area of roughened skin. Hard grit is designed to remove dense horny layers. The pads are securely attached and easily removed, do not get wet in water and provide high-quality, uniform cleaning of the keratinized epidermis.

Features of Pododisc Staleks Pro 100 grit:
White color;
diameter M;
hardness 100 grit;
soft foam backing for abrasive;
homogeneity of the abrasive;
reliable adhesive base.
Application of Pododisc Staleks Pro 100 grit:
Removal of dense layers of keratinized skin in areas of the middle area.
Treatment of rough corns.
What is the difference between white and black variable files:
The abrasive of white files consists of aluminum oxide, which makes them more plastic, soft and wear-resistant. Black files are made of silicon carbide, which makes them harder, but has a high degree of brittleness.
White files have a small abrasive grain of a rounded shape, which allows you not to injure the nail plate. Black files have a sharp abrasive that is self-sharpening in the process of sawing.
White replacement files have a stearate coating that prevents organic dust from clogging the coating, black files have no coating.
White files are better for filing dry nails, black files work well with filing wet nails.
The white color of the file is more hygienic than black in work, no streaks or grooves are visible on the file after sawing, and light abrasive particles are not visible when they come into contact with artificial material during nail extension.
Replacement files Pododisc Staleks Pro 100 grit are cleanliness, reliability and optimal results.
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