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Wax machine Pro Wax200 (400ml)

Wax machine Pro Wax200 (400ml)

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Wax melter Pro Wax 200 with increased power for salon and home use, works from the mains. Designed for heating wax in jars (400 ml), tablets, granules or discs. Has an additional metal container for hot wax in tablets/granules or for paraffin. The Pro Wax 200 wax warmer in jars or cups is also used to melt paraffin wax. Suitable for all types of wax and paraffin.

Convenient and versatile wax melter with thermostat, suitable for professional and home use. The heating temperature is from 35 to 100 degrees, and there is also a mode that maintains the desired wax temperature throughout the entire cosmetic procedure. It has a compact size, beautiful design and temperature control sensor. Convenient to use.

wax heater set include:
1pcs heater
1pcs silicone bowl
2pack wax beans 100g
20pcs depilatory paper
10pcs wooden sticks

Type: can wax melter
Type of wax melter: single cassette
Wax release form: jars
Power: 100W
Power: network 220-240V/50-60Hz
Power cable length: 106cm
Thermostat: yes
Operating temperature: 30 to 100 degrees Celsius
External dimensions: 17.5x17.5x12.5 cm
Dimensions of the internal stationary container: diameter 10.5 cm, height 5.5 cm
Volume of internal stationary container: up to 500 ml
Temperature support: yes
Case material: plastic

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