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Carbide nail drill bit “Corn” 5*13 Red Staleks

Carbide nail drill bit “Corn” 5*13 Red Staleks

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The Carbide nail drill bit, “Corn” is made of high-quality stainless steel, is not subject to corrosion, does not blacken and retains its sharpness for as long as possible. The cutter for hardware manicure and pedicure Corn is perfectly centered and balanced - vibration and beating are eliminated.

Manicure cutter Corn in hardware manicure is used to remove artificial materials (polygels and hard gels) from extended nail plates, remove detachments during correction, remove part of the nail plate, work on natural thickened nails, correct the length and shape of the nail plate, coarse fungal or artificial filings nail plates, gel sawdust using the upper form technique. When rotating, carbide manicure cutters turn the material into fine chips, not dust, they cut the material and leave a smooth surface.

Head diameter 5 mm. 
Working part 13 mm. 
Form "Corn” 
Fine grit "Red"

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