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Spider Gel white 5 ml Siller

Spider Gel white 5 ml Siller

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Siller web gel is a material that greatly simplifies, facilitates and diversifies the work of creating a bright, interesting and stylish nail design .
Having a special, stretchy consistency, this material easily turns into thin threads

✔️Ideal for creating patterns and drawings that consist of fine lines;
✔️has a viscous consistency;
✔️super elastic, with excellent stretching effect, does not tear;
✔️a drop of spider gel is very easy to transform into a thin thread that fits perfectly on the nail plate in the form of a line;
✔️the gel's pigmentation is dense, the colors are rich and long-lasting;
✔️the paint has a sticky layer
Mode of application:
Apply Spider Gel in the form of a geometric pattern to the nail coated with gel polish, polymerize in an LED lamp for 1 minute, in a UV lamp for 2 minutes. Cover the design with a top coat.

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