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Silicon Drill Bit Polisher 212, 4*12mm, White, 600 grit

Silicon Drill Bit Polisher 212, 4*12mm, White, 600 grit

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Nail polishing attachments are necessary companions for hardware manicure, giving your nails and skin an ideal look. Mainly used when natural nails are being treated. At the same time, they are widely used when working with soft artificial turf. Based on their abrasiveness, silicone nozzles are divided into hard, medium-hard and finishing.

There are a couple of things to pay attention to when working with silicone polishers:

For the best, and most importantly fast and high-quality effect, whether polishing artificial or natural nails, first use a harder attachment, and only then the finishing one to polish to a shine.

For significant unevenness and roughness, use gradually, first the hardest nozzle, then the medium one, and only then, for polishing to a shine, the finishing one.

Do not keep the polisher in one place, but constantly move it in a circle, otherwise it will heat the nail too much, do not use at high speeds.

Size : 4*12

Color: White

Grit: 600

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