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KODI Professional

Rubber Top Gel 30 ml Kodi Professional

Rubber Top Gel 30 ml Kodi Professional

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Rubber Top Gel is a special gel with rubber fibers, which is used as a final fixing coating and has a dispersion layer. The use of Rubber Top Gel helps to give nails a bright shine for a long time. The consistency of optimal density and viscosity allows you to apply the product in an even and thin layer without spreading. The product has no smell.


protects the decorative coating from the influence of external factors;

provides perfect stability and elasticity, preventing damage and peeling;

performs an aesthetic function, giving the nails a complete and well-groomed look. Application recommendations: apply a thin layer.

Polymerization time:

UV lamp 36W - 2 minutes;

LED - 60 seconds.

It is easily removed by the softening method when using a special tool Tips Off (liquid for removing gel varnish and acrylic). Before removal, it is recommended to polish the surface of the Rubber Top Gel.

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