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KODI Professional

Rubber base Gel White 8 ml Kodi Professional

Rubber base Gel White 8 ml Kodi Professional

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White rubber base base for gel polish, 8 ml - White Rubber Base Gel Kodi professional

KODI PROFESSIONAL presents a long-awaited novelty that expands the color palette of professional bases for gel nail polish. The proven Rubber Base gel is now available in natural white. Base for gel polish Rubber Base gel White, retaining all the properties inherent in rubber bases, has a camouflage effect, can be used as an independent coating, as well as a white base-substrate for gel polish. Recommended for clients with uneven color and pronounced irregularities of the nail plate. It is characterized by a self-leveling texture, has a sticky layer.

The base is easy to apply, does not spread, provides excellent adhesion to the natural nail plate and, as a result, long wear without cracking and chipping.

Application recommendation: apply in a thin layer.

Curing time: UV lamp 36W - 2 minutes; LED - 30-60 seconds.

Easily removed using Tips Off.

Release form: black frosted glass bottle, 8 ml.

Lid with brush.

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