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KODI Professional

Rubber base Gel Milky 8 ml Kodi Professional

Rubber base Gel Milky 8 ml Kodi Professional

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Rubber base gel milky Kodi Professional is a universal rubber base in a pleasant, milky shade. Can be used as a stand-alone coating, and can also be used as a base for any nail design.

The base has traditionally retained the high quality indicators for which craftsmen love this line. It has good adhesive properties, an easy-to-work consistency and viscosity, and is characterized by a high level of thixotropy. The base lends itself well to polymerization and is easy to spread with a brush.

Application in 2 layers is recommended: the first layer is applied as thinly as possible, using rubbing movements; the second layer is more dense. Polymerization of each layer is 30 seconds in an LED lamp; if necessary, the time can be increased to 60 seconds. The base has a sticky layer.

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