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KODI Professional

Rubber Base Gel 15 ml Kodi Professional

Rubber Base Gel 15 ml Kodi Professional

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Rubber Base Gel is an incredibly plastic gel based on rubber fibers that "works" together with the natural nail plate and is used before applying gel polish. In combination with other products of this artificial coating system, it ensures long-term wearability of gel polish.

The use of Rubber Base Gel provides leveling of the nail surface, prevents the formation of defects: chips, cracks, peeling and others. Due to its viscous consistency, the product is easy to apply, does not spread, prepares the plate well for gel polish and at the same time shows economical consumption. It has a dispersion layer. It is recommended to use for thin and brittle nails, nails with pronounced irregularities. Apply a thin, even layer.

Polymerization time: UV lamp 36W - 2 minutes; LED - 30 seconds.

Volume: 15 ml.

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