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Portable Nail Drill Machine

Portable Nail Drill Machine

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A nail cutter is an attribute that is undoubtedly present in the office of every professional master. The milling cutter is intended for care of nails on hands and legs. Most often, this device is used when working with extended nails and their correction, as well as for hardware manicure and pedicure. This Portable Nail Drill Machine-Pink is rechargeable and portable.

Advantages of Portable Nail Drill Machine-Pink:

Rechargeable and portable
Gorgeous color and design
High speed and low noise
Adjustable speed and direction
High quality and ease of use
Machine type: portable router
Power: 25W
Smooth speed control: 0-30000 rpm
Battery capacity: 2600 mAh
Router base size: 160×65 mm
Router handle size: 140x23 mm
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