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KODI Professional

Oxidant Cream 3% (100 ml) Kodi Professional

Oxidant Cream 3% (100 ml) Kodi Professional

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Cream Oxidant for Tint 3% (100 ml) 

In order for the process of changing the color of eyelashes or eyebrows to pass without negative consequences, and the result to be pleasing, it is necessary to use professional products. KODI PROFESSIONAL offers specialists a complex system for gentle and predictable tinting of eyebrows and eyelashes. Cream oxidant 3% was specially designed for use with eyelash and eyebrow tints KODI PROFESSIONAL, guarantees full development of the shade and high-quality tinting result. Paste with a creamy consistency, which is formed as a result of mixing tint with an oxidizing agent, is easy to apply and distribute with an applicator. The specially developed oxidant formula contributes to the most gentle and mild effect and a comfortable feeling during tinting.  For professional use only!   

Volume: 100 ml   

Shelf life before first opening: 30 months.   

Shelf life after opening: 12 months.   

Made in Austria 

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