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KODI Professional

Natural Rubber Base Pink 15ml Kodi Professional

Natural Rubber Base Pink 15ml Kodi Professional

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Natural Rubber Base (Pink), 15 ml Rubber bases by the famous international brand Kodi Professional are the choice of every experienced nail artist who appreciates high quality, modern formula and comfort in work. This product is the most sought after in our range and a must-have in the collections of pros around the world. Natural Rubber Base with camouflage properties is now available in an updated 7 ml bottle format. At the same time, the base for gel polish has retained the reference properties that are so appreciated by masters: it is elastic, provides perfect adhesion and prolongs the durability of the coating, has residual stickiness after polymerization and strengthens natural nail plates. Has a muted pink shade. Polymerization time: in a 36 watt UV lamp - 2 minutes, in a LED lamp - 30 seconds.

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