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KODI Professional

Natural Rubber Base Ivori 7ml Kodi Professional

Natural Rubber Base Ivori 7ml Kodi Professional

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Natural Rubber Base (Ivory), 7 ml For the decorative coating to please with its durability and impeccable beauty, it is important to properly prepare the nails for its application. Rubber base with camouflage effect Natural Rubber Base by the popular international brand Kodi Professional will be an excellent choice. It improves the quality of adhesion of the coating to the natural nail plate, has a residual stickiness after polymerization. The base aligns natural nails and strengthens them, but can also be used when modeling artificial ones. Due to the pigmentation of the formula, the gel polish base hides minor imperfections and evens out the tone of the nails. Has an elegant ivory color. Polymerization time: in a 36 watt UV lamp - 2 minutes, in a LED lamp - 30 seconds.

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