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Premium gel paint White wipe 5 ml NAILSOFTHEDAY

Premium gel paint White wipe 5 ml NAILSOFTHEDAY

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Meet Premium gel paint — a novelty of 2023! NAILSOFTHEDAY Premium gel paint wipe:
- high level of pigmentation
- does not spread over the surface of the nail
- easily and evenly applied
– high-quality paint that provides flawless coverage and durability
- ideal for stamping, decorative coating, jacket, thin lines and monograms

Application technology: degrease the nail plate; apply NAILSOFTHEDAY DEHYDRATOR; then NAILSOFTHEDAY ULTRABOND; make an elastic gasket of the Rubber base and polymerize it; apply the necessary color that you like and also polymerize; depending on the product used, remove the sticky layer so that the paint fits well on the surface. Apply NAILSOFTHEDAY Premium gel paint wipe to a brush and create the most trendy designs. Polymerization: UV – 180 seconds, LED – 90 seconds; completely cover the nail with Nailsoftheday Glossy top no wipe, Nailsoftheday Glossy top wipe or Nailsoftheday Matte top and dry.

Warning: Avoid skin contact. Use only as directed. Keep away from sunlight and out of the reach of children.

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