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Base Let’s Amsterdam №7 10 ml NAILSOFTHEDAY

Base Let’s Amsterdam №7 10 ml NAILSOFTHEDAY

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A reboot in the world of bases - "Let's Amsterdam Cover base"! The perfect black base is a magical highlight of bases from the Netherlands. Cover in one layer and dry. It remains black at the cuticles and ends.

The Nailsoftheday brand has acquired the right to use the formula of the cover bases from a factory in the Netherlands, and now we will be able to control the quality, pigmentation, and create super cool colors.

A new formula from the Netherlands:
— for a sensitive nail plate;
— increased pigmentation;
— uniform and very comfortable consistency;
— elastic and plastic;
- do not shrink.

More than 40 colors of "Let's Amsterdam Cover base" are waiting for you, which we will reveal to you every week! Next - more!

Meet the continuation of the collection of 5 trendy "Let's Amsterdam Cover bases" - the perfect black base!

Application technology: degrease the nail plate; apply NAILSOFTHEDAY DEHYDRATOR dehydrator; then NAILSOFTHEDAY ULTRABOND; make an elastic gasket of the Rubber base and polymerize it; evenly distribute Let's Amsterdam Black in one small layer and carefully level it. We recommend covering with a top without UV filters NAILSOFTHEDAY GLOSSY TOP WIPE. Polymerization: UV – 120 seconds, LED – 60 seconds.

Warning: Avoid skin contact. Use only as directed. Keep away from sunlight and out of the reach of children.
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