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Nail drill 15000RPM 12W

Nail drill 15000RPM 12W

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Nail drill is suitable for manicure and pedicure. Its maximum rotation speed is 15,000 rpm, so it can be used for safe treatment of natural nails and skin. The compact router does not take up much space on the desktop. There is a special plastic stand for the handle. The fast-clamping chuck guarantees reliable fixation of the cutter.

Features of the cutter for manicure, pedicure

●      There is smooth adjustment of speeds.
●      On/off and reverse buttons are located on the body.
●      There is also an on/off button on the handle.

Complete with a cutter, you get 6 nozzles for processing nails and skin on the hands. Milling cutters have a different shape of the working part, so you can perform various types of work. The set also includes 6 disposable nozzles for treating the skin of the feet.

The presented manicure device will be an ideal choice for home use. It is simple and easy to use, provides a basic set of functions. A huge plus is the availability of standard cutters. You won't have to spend a long time choosing the right nozzle, spending extra money.

It is difficult to find a more convenient and practical model of equipment than the presented version of a manicure cutter. It is ideal for working with acrylic nails, because in the set you will receive high-quality nozzles.

Advantages of a manicure cutter with nozzles:

Such a technique is perfectly suitable for both beginners and professional masters of their craft.

With its help, you will be able to cope with your work faster than usual, and the result will pleasantly surprise you.

An indisputable plus was also the low and democratic price available to everyone.

Work with acrylic nails

The device is universal, so you can process both a natural nail and an acrylic or gel version. Convenient and easy to use, it will allow you to achieve excellent results without spending a lot of effort on it.

Power: 12W
Complete set: Set of cutters
Number of nozzles: 6
Product type: Manicure/pedicure cutter
Power supply type: 220 V network
Maximum rotation speed: 15,000 rpm
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