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Nail Art Dots set, 5 psc

Nail Art Dots set, 5 psc

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Double-sided dots for drawing on nails are an indispensable tool for drawing dots, circles of the correct shape, patterns, etc. . Dots are also used in nail designs such as sculpting or to draw the smile line of a French manicure.

Dots have metal balls of different diameters at the ends.

Ball diameter: from 0.8 to 3 mm

Handle length: 9.8cm

Handle material: plastic

Quantity in set: 5 pieces

Using this simple and original tool, you can very quickly and easily create an exquisite design on your nails: a chain of dots, a pattern, a flower, a line. To make the drawing beautiful, it is recommended to wipe the dots on a napkin after each element.
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