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KODI Professional

Matte Top Coat Velour 7 ml Kodi Professional

Matte Top Coat Velour 7 ml Kodi Professional

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"Velour" matte top coating.

The velor effect gives the nail coating a special sophistication, which is actively used by masters to create luxurious designs. The top matte Velor coating is the result of the successful development of a top coating for gel polish, which not only visually, but also to some extent tactilely reproduces the noble velor finish on the nails.

The top matte coating "Velour" new is a professional top intended for adding a pronounced velor texture to the gel varnish coating. This top is produced according to a completely new formula, has a consistency of optimal density, which provides the above-mentioned effect. It is used to cover as a final layer for natural and artificial nails, to implement design ideas. It has a dispersion layer, it is allowed to attach decorative elements. The top matte coating "Velour" new protects the coating, ensures its elasticity and stability, effectively prevents the formation of chips and other damages.

Application recommendations: apply in 1 thin layer.

Polymerization time: UV lamp 36 W - 2 minutes, LED lamp - 30 seconds.
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