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KODI Professional

Armrest on brown legs Gray Kodi Professional

Armrest on brown legs Gray Kodi Professional

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Optimizing the manicurist's workspace allows you to speed up procedures and make them more comfortable for both the client and the specialist. The use of universal armrests is an excellent option for those who appreciate functionality and convenience. Recently, the collection of armrests on legs of the Kodi Professional brand was replenished with a new Pearl model in an elegant basic color.

The working surface of the accessory is lined with strong, soft and wear-resistant eco-leather, which is easy to care for and can be easily cleaned with water or disinfectant solutions. Inside the armrest is elastic foam resistant to deformation. The stand on legs not only allows you to fix the client's hands in a comfortable position, but also reduces the load on the master's back. By placing a lamp for polymerization under the armrest, you will significantly save space on the desktop.

Color: Grey

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