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KODI Professional

Magnet for gel polish "Moonlight" (cat eye effect) Kodi Professional

Magnet for gel polish "Moonlight" (cat eye effect) Kodi Professional

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Magnet for gel polish “Moonlight” is a special tool designed to create the “cat’s eye” stone effect when working with magnetic gel polishes from the “MoonLight” collection. The magnet for gel polish promotes attraction, and as a result, ensures lifting to the surface coating from the total mass of magnetic gel polish metal particles. Thanks to its targeted properties, this professional accessory allows you to create a shimmering glare running across the surface, also known as the chrysoberyl effect, in any order and create an original design. A magnet for gel polish also makes it possible to create patterns - to do this, move the tool in different directions parallel to the surface of the coating. 
Directions for use: Immediately after applying a thin layer of “Moonlight” gel polish, bring the tool to the surface of the nail plate at a distance of 3 mm and hold it until the “cat’s eye” stone effect appears - 5-7 seconds. Then complete the coating using standard gel polish application technology.

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