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Lamp-MDS-801-18pcs beads, USB

Lamp-MDS-801-18pcs beads, USB

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Lamp for manicure MDS - 801 has 18 LEDs with a total power of 36 watts. Due to the wide spectrum of radiation, this lamp is suitable for the polymerization of both gel polish and coatings for artificial nail extension. The best solution for quick drying of varnish on 5 fingers at the same time.

The advantage of using this lamp is the high polymerization rate of all types of gels and gel polishes of different density and density. Lamp life is claimed by the manufacturer to be over 40,000 hours. Equipped with a motion sensor, which allows you to turn the device on and off with a hand movement.

The lamp can work in three modes: with a timer for 60, 80 and 99 seconds. The lamp is distinguished by the absence of a bottom, which is convenient for pedicure. LED and UV radiation does not have a harmful effect on the skin of the hands and does not harm the eyes.


We do not recommend the use of this model in salons with a high intensity of work.



Power: 36 W.
Color: white.
Number of lamps/LEDs: 18.
Timer: 60, 80, 99 sec.
Features: Motion sensor.
Power supply: USB.
Weight: 133 g
Size: 17.5 x 14.5 x 8.5 cm

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