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TOP Dark Story 15 ml HELLO

TOP Dark Story 15 ml HELLO

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Glossy top without UV filters, without a sticky ball. Protects the coating from chips and smudges.

I don’t change the colors.

Particularly relevant for dark and rich colors.

Consistency: medium

Hardness/elasticity: elastic

Method of drying: apply a thin ball to the cuticle to the outside edge. One hour of polymerization in UV/LED 60 seconds. 

Volume : 15 ml

Country: Ukraine

Stock: 2-Hydroxyethyl methacrylate, PETMP, Thermoplastic polyolefins, Polyether-modified polysiloxane, Urethane acrylate, Di-Trimethylolpropane Tetraacrylate.

Respect ! To avoid unnecessary polymerization of the material during operation, testing or removing the contents, an open bottle or pen should be trimmed as a daylight (especially during direct sun changes). We also ask you to respect that in gloomy weather, gloomy weather requires a large amount of ultraviolet treatment, which is sufficient for the material to polymerize.


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