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Tint Base Matcha 15 ml HELLO

Tint Base Matcha 15 ml HELLO

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With great pigmentation and elasticity, the MATCHA base creates a perfectly even coating even after applying the first ball.

Colour: mint sawing

Collection: LIFESTYLE

Consistency: medium

Hardness/elasticity: elastic

Acidity: neutral, pH=6.7

Smell: neutral

Pigmentation: strong, overlaps the outer edge

Method of curing:

Carefully degrease the nail plate using phBond dehydrator .

Apply Ultrabond acid-free primer to the tip of your nail and wait for permanent dryness.

Apply a ball of clear Rubber base as a base and cure for 30 seconds.

Apply one or two balls of Tint base. An hour of polymerization in a UV/LED lamp is 60 seconds.

Apply finishin coat(top) with the final ball.

Volume: 15 ml

Country: Ukraine

INCI Stock: Acrylates Copolymer, HEMA, Trimethylbenzoyl Diphenylphosphine Oxide, Silica Dimethyl Silylate.

May be revenged: CI 77891, CI 18965, CI 51319, CI 73915, CI 73360, CI 15510.

Respect To avoid unnecessary polymerization of the material during operation, testing or removing the contents of the open bottle or penzlik, you need to trim it as a day light (especially in the case of direct sun changes). We also ask you to respect that when the weather is gloomy and gloomy, a large amount of ultraviolet radiation is passed through, which is sufficient for the material to begin to polymerize.






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