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Tint Base Clear PH 6.7 15 ml HELLO

Tint Base Clear PH 6.7 15 ml HELLO

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Clear self-virginating base with low acid content. Suitable for substrate creation and varnishing. Certified by the EU.

Consistency: medium

Hardness/elasticity: elastic

Acidity: low acid


The low-acid base “Clear pH 6.7” is an opportunity for the master to show concern for the client.

For whom do we recommend the Clear pH 6.7 base?

- For clients with a thin nail plate, which is subject to the risk of deposits during the polymerization of the material.
The storage of our base minimizes heat generation.

- For clients who have a risk of reaction to acid base removers.
Low acid content reduces this toxicity.

- For clients who care about the health of their nails and want to switch to safer material.

This is the main idea of ​​this base - a secure warehouse and customer care.


- The base is covered for 3 years, after which there is a risk of expansion.

- The master needs to carefully follow the application recommendations.

To ensure reliable adhesion of the material to the surface of the nail, the master can prepare the plate as for extensions:

- raise the nails not with a buff, but with a nail file of 180-240 grit.

- carefully remove the cuticles and all the nails

⁃ defat and dry the surface of the nail with a dehydrator
⁃ apply ultrabond
⁃ apply a thin ball with a dry foam roller and then a drop after it for vibrating Nya.

The base can also be combined with Rubber Base: the first thin primer ball of Rubber base, after the polymerization of which, apply a curing ball “pH 6.7”.
This option allows for safe curing (without the need for a lot of heat) and at the same time but there is no sticking from the surface of the nail.

Tint Base “Clear pH 6.7” has successfully passed verification and has the right to be sold in stores and salons in the EU

Method of drying :  apply Tint base "Clear pH6.7" to the prepared nail plate with one or two balls. Dry the skin ball in a UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds.

Volume : 15 ml

Country: Ukraine

Stock : Special acrylic polymers, diphenyl(2,4,6-trimethylbenzoyl), phosphine oxide, acrylic monomer.

Respect ! To avoid unnecessary polymerization of the material during operation, testing or removing the contents, an open bottle or pen should be trimmed as a daylight (especially during direct sun changes). We also ask you to respect that in gloomy weather, gloomy weather requires a large amount of ultraviolet treatment, which is sufficient for the material to polymerize.

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