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Macro lens

Macro lens

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Create amazing photos by yourself 💫

This is a combination lens for a phone, consisting of a macro lens and a wide-angle lens of the HD image class. For the manufacture of this accessory, optical glass with a high light transmission and a coating that prevents the occurrence of parasites is used. The aluminum housing increases the durability and wear resistance of the lens.
Wide Angle Lens The 0.45x lens expands the image borders by 80% without introducing optical distortion. You get more volume without barreling or fuzzy edges.

The 12.5x lens allows you to photograph tiny objects in incredible detail. This lens can focus as close as 3 to 6 centimeters to an object.

The universal wide-angle macro lens clip for mobile phone is designed for any 37mm lens, compatible with most smartphone models, with a camera diameter of 13mm or less.
The package includes a combined wide-angle macro lens, a phone mount, caps on both sides of the lens, a pouch, a napkin.


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