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KODI Professional

Gel Polish WN №15 7ml Kodi Professional

Gel Polish WN №15 7ml Kodi Professional

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Gel polishes Kodi Professional "Wine"
The Kodi company, following advanced technologies in the field of nail services, improves the quality of the existing range, and also releases new products, anticipating the desires of its customers.

With such a global approach, an innovative series of gel polishes, the “Basic Collection,” was released in 2018. 170 trendy, sought-after shades are grouped into main palettes, which significantly speeds up the selection of tones, saturation and structure.

Oh, this intoxicating WINE color selection! Marigolds of Marsala, Beaujolais, Cabernet... How can you ignore such expressive, alluring, deep tones! They are simply magnificent and intoxicating not only for us, but, of course, for our fans.

Gel polish: No. 15 WN

Color: dark red

Volume: 7 ml

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