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Gel Polish №2 (white) 8 ml Siller

Gel Polish №2 (white) 8 ml Siller

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Siller Professional gel polish is a real bestseller! The color palette of 150 shades is created taking into account all fashion trends. The Color+ formula allows the gel polish to have rich shades and dry without any problems in any lamp. The balanced pigment of Siller Professional gel polish does not change its tone throughout the entire time of wear.

Color: white, enamel

Volume: 8 ml

Siller Professional gel polish application technology:
- Before applying the base coat, prepare the nail plate: do a manicure, degrease.
- Apply base coat and dry.
- Apply Gel Polish Siller Professional, dry in an LED lamp for up to 60 seconds. If necessary, apply a second coat. Dry.
- Apply the topcoat in a thin, even layer.
- Dry in an LED lamp for up to 60 seconds (depending on the lamp).
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