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KODI Professional

Gel Polish CP №10 7ml Kodi Professional

Gel Polish CP №10 7ml Kodi Professional

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Gel polishes from the Kodi Professional brand have proven themselves to work well: they are easy to apply with a convenient brush, they are moderately dense and evenly distributed over the nail plate without creating streaks. Gel polishes from Kodi are distinguished by their durability and excellent pigmentation, thanks to which the artist gets the desired coating color in just 2 layers.

Recently, the basic line of shades was expanded with the new Coffee Paradise collection, inspired by the sophisticated coffee palette. Each gel polish in the series is thick and highly pigmented.

Color No. 10 CP - pink-beige shade, enamel texture.

It is recommended to uniformly cover with two thin layers with polymerization of each layer in a UV lamp - 2 minutes, in a LED lamp - 30-60 seconds.

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