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KODI Professional

Gel Polish CN №100 7ml Kodi Professional

Gel Polish CN №100 7ml Kodi Professional

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KODI gel polishes combine the best characteristics of high-quality nail polishes and modeling gels. The products of this brand are in high demand and popular among beginners and professionals. The main characteristic features of these shellacs: lightness and ease of use, brightness and intensity of tone, resistance to mechanical damage (chips, scratches). Kodi gel polishes are also quickly applied and have a very economical consumption, due to which the price of gel polish is reduced by 2 times, which is an important factor for the master. Nail polish from this manufacturer is always a super fashionable manicure that you can really hope for. 

Characteristics of gel polish KODI No. CN 100
Brown color
Volume 7 ml
Density dense
Enamel texture
Manufacturer USA
Shade Gel polish KODI No. CN 100 brown

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