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KODI Professional

Gel Polish B №122 7ml Kodi Professional

Gel Polish B №122 7ml Kodi Professional

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The Basic Collection gel polish collection creates a uniform, dense color coating in just two layers of application. The excellent density of gel polish, as well as its other advantages, are due to its innovative formula. The gel polishes in this collection do not spread or streak during application, and the highly pigmented shades after polymerization do not leave traces of pigment on the topcoat brush. The palette consists of 170 of the most popular and sought after shades by masters, divided into color series. Gel polish No. 122 B (BLUE series) has an enamel texture, the color is heavenly light. It is recommended to apply uniform coating in two thin layers with polymerization of each layer in a UV lamp for 2 minutes and in an LED lamp for 30 seconds.

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