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KODI Professional

Gel Polish BW №66 8ml Kodi Professional

Gel Polish BW №66 8ml Kodi Professional

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Gel polish Kodi Professional No. BW 66

Color: gray-lilac, enamel

Volume: 8 ml


Carry out standard nail preparation: remove the previous coating, remove the cuticle, buff the surface and give the desired shape to the nails. After which it is recommended to use the Kodi Nail fresher dehydrator, which cleans, dehydrates (dries) and degreases the nail plate before applying gel polish. Let it dry for 30 seconds. If necessary, apply an acid primer or ultrabond - a special acid-free preparation for additional adhesion of subsequent coatings to the natural nail.
Apply a thin layer of Kodi Professional, Rubber Base Gel for gel polish to the nail, then cure it in a UV lamp for 2 minutes or in an LED lamp for 30 seconds. If necessary, remove the sticky layer for better application of colored gel polish.
Apply 2 layers of Kodi colored gel polish. Don't forget to seal each layer (including base and top). The polymerization time of colored gel polish in a UV lamp is 2 minutes in an LED lamp - 30 seconds. For a more saturated color, apply 3 layers.
Apply the top coat Kodi Professional, Rubber Top Gel for gel polish in a thin layer, dry it in an LED lamp for 30-60 seconds or in a UV lamp for 2-2.30 minutes. Don't forget to seal the layer. Then remove the sticky layer using lint-free wipes and Kodi Cleanser.
Once coverage is complete, apply Kodi Professional Cuticle Oil.
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