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KODI Professional

Gel paint "Galaxy" №7 (color: violet) 4 ml Kodi Professional

Gel paint "Galaxy" №7 (color: violet) 4 ml Kodi Professional

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KODI PROFESSIONAL gel paints are characterized by a high quality product and a variety of palettes, which opens up unlimited possibilities for nail art. Galaxy series is a highly pigmented gel paint with a high shimmer content in the composition, which provides them with a pronounced flicker effect.

The main advantage of Galaxy gel-paint is its dense coating ability, it can be used not only for different types of design, but also as the main coating of nails. In one coat of application, Galaxy gel-paint in the Violet shade creates a resistant coating that is resistant to chips. Optimum density makes it possible to accurately and accurately draw even the thinnest lines, without fear of their spreading. Has a dispersion layer.

The recommended polymerization time of the material is 60 seconds in a UV LED lamp, 2 minutes in a UV lamp.

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