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KODI Professional

Gel brush A size 2/E Kodi Professional

Gel brush A size 2/E Kodi Professional

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The choice of brush is determined by the type of nail work and the specifics of the material used in the work. The main criteria for choosing a tool for gel nail modeling are the ergonomics of the brush handle, the elasticity and density of the hair bundle made of nylon material. The brush for working with gel No. 2/E is characterized by a smooth surface of the handle made of natural wood and a high-quality assembly of the pile, which is tightly fixed in the capsule. The black wooden handle with the brand logo gives the tool solidity, and the elastic nylon pile allows you to apply the material in hard-to-reach areas of the nail, forming the perfect shape of the artificial nail plate. The dense texture of the pile prevents the brush from loosening when cleaning the tool.

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