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KODI Professional

Funny gel №12 4 ml Kodi Professional

Funny gel №12 4 ml Kodi Professional

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Nail art with sequins was worn by every woman at least once in her life. This type of nail design always brings charm to the image and lifts the mood. Perhaps it is for this reason that shiny nails never go out of fashion, and the nail industry is constantly working to offer artists even more materials to create such a design. And in this regard, the Funny gel series is definitely worth your attention!


Funny gel is a nail gel that contains a large amount of glitter and brocade in its texture. This gel provides coverage with deep, dense, vivid shimmer. Can be used on natural and artificial nails. Thanks to its viscous consistency, the gel is well distributed over the nail plate with the help of a brush. It has a sticky layer.

It is used:

for self-covering of nails in the gel-lacquer system;

on top of a colored gel-lacquer base;

in various design techniques, for example, in stretch design;

when modeling an explanatory jacket.

How to use:

Apply a small amount of gel to the nail plate previously covered with the base and distribute in a thin layer. Dry for 30-60 seconds in an LED lamp or 2 minutes in a UV lamp. If necessary, apply another thin layer with subsequent polymerization. Cover the design with top coating.

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