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KODI Professional

Eyelash primer 15 g Kodi Professional

Eyelash primer 15 g Kodi Professional

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Primer (primer for eyelashes), 15g. Strict compliance with work technology and high -quality professional materials for building Kodi Professional guarantee the impeccable appearance and durability of extensive eyelashes. Primer processing is carried out at the second stage in preparation for eyelash extensions, as well as in preparation for bio -war. The product is a rapidly -drying liquid. For special preparation, the primer is used after a degreaser and is designed to open natural eyelashes. The primer is also used for additional eyelash cleaning. It is neatly applied to natural or artificial eyelashes on both sides with a microbrash or brush. In the process of processing, the client’s eyes should be closed.

Volume: 15g.

Made in Korea


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