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ELAN LIPIDIC Deep Repair Monodose Concentrate 1.5ml (10 pack)

ELAN LIPIDIC Deep Repair Monodose Concentrate 1.5ml (10 pack)

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10 monocapsules, 1.5ml each. 
An eyebrow and eyelash concentrate based on Pro.REPAIR 18-MEA* patented active component, which is enhanced with panthenol and lactic acid.
It restores the lipid barrier of the hairs and improves their qualitative characteristics.

* The special technology of transporting 18-methyl eicosanoic acid (18-MEA is the main lipid of the human hair), which constitutes 40% of total amount of the hair fatty acid.


The lipid revitalising agent strengthens the hair structure depending on the degree of damage caused by various chemical procedures (eyebrows and eyelashes, lamination, dyeing, bleaching, etc.).

It also improves moisture balance in hair and increases its resistance to external factors.

The complex of conditioners included in the composition protects the hair, giving it smoothness, shine and elasticity.

APPLICATION: Open the capsule by breaking off the thin tip, apply the contents to eyebrows and eyelashes, wait for full absorption. Hygienic product
it is recommended to use a makeup brush for use. 

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