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KODI Professional

Easy Duo Gel Sparkle Mood №4 15g Kodi Professional

Easy Duo Gel Sparkle Mood №4 15g Kodi Professional

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Easy Duo Gel is an incredibly flexible material for shaping and strengthening nails, which demonstrates the best properties of two traditional systems for the appropriate purpose - acrylic and gel. Has a sticky layer. Due to its simplicity and ease of use, this material can be used by craftsmen with any experience. The Sparkle mood series as part of the Easy Duo Gel system is represented by a palette of nude shades with the addition of reflective particles.


Excellent adhesion

Plastic texture

Strength and lightness of the material

Compliance with sawdust

No burning and "tightening" during polymerization

Maximum natural look of nails

To work with the acrylic-gel system, Slip Fluide Smoothing & Alignment is required. Curing time: 120 seconds in UV lamp, 60 seconds in LED lamp.

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