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KODI Professional

Easy Duo Gel Soft Pastel №1 35 g. Kodi Professional

Easy Duo Gel Soft Pastel №1 35 g. Kodi Professional

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Professional acrylic-gel system Soft (color: 01 Pastel)

Modern polygels combine the best properties of acrylic and gel, making them popular with craftsmen. From acrylic, polygels borrowed the ease of laying out the material and the lightness of sawdust, from the gel - plasticity and the possibility of long-term work with the material in air. The well-known brand Kodi Professional presents the Soft acrylic-gel system with a softer texture and a beautiful palette of pastel shades. At the same time, the polygel formula retained its traditionally high quality, excellent adhesive properties, good plasticity and ductility to sawdust, strength and lightness of the structure. The acrylic-gel system can be used to model and align the nail plate, as well as to create a colored free edge in a lay-out jacket.

Shade 01 Pastel is a delicate and delicate lilac color.

Curing: 120 seconds in UV lamp or 60 seconds in LED lamp.

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