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KODI Professional

Diamond Glue 15 g Kodi Professional

Diamond Glue 15 g Kodi Professional

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Beauty and neatness of a design with an appliqué of sparkling crystals or rhinestones depends not only on the quality of the decorative elements used, but also on the glue used to fix them. Diamond Glue is designed specifically for easy and convenient attachment of crystals, stones, rhinestones and other decorative elements to the nail plate. The glue has a gel consistency. Depending on the technique used by the master when making the design, the glue can be applied dotted or with a brush.   Apply in a thin layer. As a result of polymerization in a UV or Led lamp, the glue securely fixes the position of rhinestones and other decorative elements, ensuring long-term wearability of the design. Can be applied over any type of nail coating. 

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