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Craft bag for sterilization ProSteril 150*250mm (brown) 100pcs

Craft bag for sterilization ProSteril 150*250mm (brown) 100pcs

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Features and description
Kraft sterilisation bags with indicator are manufactured from Kraft cellulose with a density of 70 g/m2.

The Kraft pouches have indicators on them to distinguish between sterilised and non-sterilised instruments by a change in colour.

If the steriliser has worked correctly, the outer indicators change colour to that specified in the reference, e.g. beige becomes purple.

The indicators are glued onto an area of the kraft bag that is accessible to visual inspection. After the sterilisation cycle has been completed, the indicator mark of each indicator is compared with the colour of the comparison standard.

If the indicator shows a negative control result, all instruments processed in this cycle are considered non-sterile.
The special feature of Kraft bags is that they let in air molecules, but filter out bacteria and other

Kraft sterilisation bags are used for the sterilisation of instruments by air (sterilisation temperatures of 160-180°C) and steam (at sterilisation temperatures of 121-134°C).
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