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KODI Professional

Rubber Base Gel 14 ml Kodi Professional

Rubber Base Gel 14 ml Kodi Professional

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Rubber Base, 14 ml - Kodi professional Rubber Base Gel is a professional gel base that is applied as a base layer and applied immediately before applying gel polish. Has a sticky layer. The transparent base with rubber fibers in its composition, due to its unique properties, guarantees excellent adhesion of the gel polish to the nail plate, ensures elasticity and good wearability of the coating. Benefits: Levels the plane of the nail; Provides durability and safety of the coating; It has a thick consistency and economical consumption; Applies evenly and does not spread; Ideal for brittle, thin and problematic nails with pronounced unevenness. Recommendations for application: apply in a thin layer. Polymerization time: UV lamp 36W – 2 minutes; LED – 30 seconds. Easily removed using the special Tips Off product. Release form: economy bottle made of black plastic, volume 14 ml. Cover without brush. Shelf life after opening: 12 months.

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