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Lamp SUNUV SUN1 Original

Lamp SUNUV SUN1 Original

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LED+UV lamp SUNUV Sun 1 with a power of 48 W is used for the polymerization of gel polishes and biogels. It is important that both classic UV-active hard gels and specially adapted LED-active hard gels can be dried in this lamp. The material is polymerized by 30 LED bulbs with a total power of 48 W, which are evenly spaced over the surface. The appearance of the SUNUV  LED lamp cannot leave you indifferent, as it is made in a stylish and modern design and takes up little space. The lamp has a removable bottom with magnets, which is convenient during the pedicure procedure.

The SUNUV Sun 1 LED+UV lamp  does not heat up during operation and does not cause discomfort or burning during the drying process. In it, you can dry all 5 fingers of one hand at the same time, which significantly speeds up the procedure. The lamp automatically turns on in 120 mode with touch control, which means that in order to turn on the lamp, just put your hand in it. In order to use the lamp in the timer mode, you must turn on the appropriate mode (5 s, 30 s, 60 s) using the button located on the top panel, after turning on the lamp, you must put your hand into it.

Characteristics  LED+UV lamp SUNUV Sun 1

Colour white
Power 48 W
Bottom removable
Sensor eat
Dimensions (LSHV) 150x200x100 mm
The weight 800 grams


Advantages of ED+UV lamp Sun 1 :

  • polymerization rate
  • low power consumption
  • has 30 LED bulbs,  designed for 50,000 work
  • no need for regular lamp replacement
  • skin safety

Warranty: 6 months



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