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KODI Professional

Color Rubber Base Gel Pastel №8 7 ml. Kodi Professional

Color Rubber Base Gel Pastel №8 7 ml. Kodi Professional

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Color base gel Pastel No. 8 is a color base coating of pastel lilac shade. It is used as an independent coating. This shade of color base has a special appeal. It is traditionally chosen by connoisseurs of beauty - refined and creative people.

Color base gel Pastel No. 8 does not require a substrate. It is recommended to apply in 2 layers: the first layer is applied as thinly as possible, with rubbing movements; the second layer is applied more densely. The polymerization of each layer takes 30 seconds in a LED lamp, if necessary, the time can be increased to 60 seconds. The base has an adhesive layer.

When using this color base with a weakened nail plate, it is allowed to apply a thin layer of Rubber base gel under Color base gel Pastel.

Advantages of Color base gel Pastel:
- perfect adhesion;
- convenient consistency and viscosity for work;
- high level of thixotropy;
- good polymerization even in a dense layer;
- optimally aligns and strengthens nails.
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