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KODI Professional

Color Rubber Base Gel Opal №3 7ml Kodi Professional

Color Rubber Base Gel Opal №3 7ml Kodi Professional

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Nude manicure always looks especially refined and elegant, but it requires good technique and high professionalism of the master. The popular brand Kodi Professional has been able to create an entire collection of quality color bases for a flawless, ultra-long-lasting manicure with a minimum of effort. Modern color bases combine the properties of a gel polish base and a pigmented decorative coating that hides minor imperfections of the nail plate. The base spreads easily, has excellent adhesion and excellent durability. Color Base Gel Opal No.3 is a coating with opal shimmer the "pink nude" shade. The noble color of Opal No.3 allows emphasizing elegance and impeccable sense of taste. It is recommended to apply Color Rubber Base Gel in 2 layers: apply the first layer as thin as possible, with rubbing in movements; the second layer can be tighter. Polymerize each layer for 30-60 seconds in a LED lamp. The base cures well even when applied in a dense layer. When used with a weakened nail plate, it is allowed to apply a thin layer of Rubber Base Gel under the Color Base.

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