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KODI Professional

Color Rubber Base Gel Neon №9 7 ml. Kodi Professional

Color Rubber Base Gel Neon №9 7 ml. Kodi Professional

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The current collection of colored bases for gel polish Neon Color base gel from the popular Kodi Professional brand embodies the trend for bright, stylish, ultra-modern manicure. The neon palette will open up a limitless space for the realization of creative ideas and the realization of bold creative ideas.

Each color carries a certain energy and the Neon 09 shade is a cheerful, rich, shimmering yellow that energizes and awakens a positive mood. All bases from Kodi have an optimal consistency for quick application, are self-leveling and stable, do not peel off thanks to good adhesive properties. Due to the saturation of pigmentation, they can be an alternative to gel polish and applied under the top. It is recommended to apply Color base gel in 2 layers.

Polymerization of each layer is 30-60 seconds in a Led lamp. The base dries well even in a thick layer. When used with a weakened nail plate, it is allowed to apply a thin layer of Rubber base gel under the colored base.

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