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KODI Professional

Color Rubber Base Gel Neon №4 7 ml. Kodi Professional

Color Rubber Base Gel Neon №4 7 ml. Kodi Professional

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The legendary color bases Color base gel from the popular brand Kodi Professional have been replenished with a new trendy Neon collection, which has incorporated all the juiciness and brightness of the spring-summer palette of colors. Neon, rich, original shades will decorate any manicure and an indispensable element of seasonal nail designs.

Neon 04 is a vibrant lime yellow with an enamel texture. A refreshing trendy shade will well complement the stylish images of self-confident girls who are not afraid to be in the spotlight. At the same time, the base has such a high pigment density that it can be used as an independent coating. Bases Color base gel also retain their primary qualities, thanks to which they are so fond of masters: optimal consistency, polymerization speed, ease of application, good thixotropy and durability. It is recommended to apply Color base gel in 2 layers.

The polymerization of each layer is 30-60 seconds in the LED lamp. The base dries well even in a dense layer. When used with a weakened nail plate, it is allowed to apply a thin layer of Rubber base gel under the color base.

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