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Ceramic nail drill bit, Corn “Typhoon”, 5*14 mm, Red

Ceramic nail drill bit, Corn “Typhoon”, 5*14 mm, Red

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Ceramic nail drill bit Corn "Typhoon” is used for cutting down artificial coating (gel polishes and hard gels, as well as acrylics) and removing rough skin on the legs. This type of cutter is twice as durable as its carbide counterparts, is not subject to corrosion, does not become clogged with dust, and does not heat up.

The cutting ability of the сeramic nail drill bit ensures perfect removal and simultaneous smoothing of the treated surface. It operates without beating or noise and has a smooth ride. Practically does not clog.

Head diameter 5 mm. 
Working part 14 mm. 
Form Corn "Typhoon”. 
Fine grit "Red"

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