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KODI Professional

Case for Eyebrow Tweezers Kodi Professional

Case for Eyebrow Tweezers Kodi Professional

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Case for eyebrow tweezers

The specifics of the work of masters in eyelash extension, eyebrow modeling, as well as make-up artists require a fairly large number of working tools, and therefore there is a need for their careful storage and transportation. KODI PROFESSIONAL expands its line of special purpose accessories and presents a pencil case for eyebrow tweezers. The peculiarity of the accessory is its versatility and design - in addition to a compact pencil case, convenient for transporting tools in a bag or case, when folded, the accessory forms an organizer stand that provides access to the tweezers during operation.

Pencil stand is designed for 5 tweezers no longer than 11 cm. Material: artificial leather; Black color; Size: pencil case - length 12 cm, width - 11 cm.

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